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Beginner Online Marketing Tips That You Can Easily Follow

If you are starting a brand, it is a must that you have a plan when it comes to your online marketing. Online marketing allows your business to stay relevant against other companies that have a much bigger capital. The good thing about internet marketing is that it is free. This means that you can expand your market without spending a large amount of money. In the long run, this can help you save a lot of money. If you are still a newbie in online marketing, here are some tricks that you can utilize on your own.

Don’t just sell on social media

Don_t just sell on social media

One of the most common mistakes by a lot of people is to simply sell items and service. What you have to understand is that you will need to build your brand. In doing so, you will have to share things that interest your audience. You would want to make sure that you are also going to offer information that your market is going to be interested in. Maybe, provide them with tips relevant to your niche ever now and then? This can help you get the loyalty of your audience.

Don’t ignore the comments

Online Marketing

You also want to make sure that you are going to interact with the people who are basically your primary market. You can do this by taking a closer look at the comments. It can be the comments on your social media accounts or it can also be the comments on your website. Regardless, you will need to interact with your market.

Monitor your traffic

Monitor your traffic

There is so much to learn from your statistics. Be sure to get the statistics from your website and check the source of your traffic. In addition to this, make it a habit to trace where the traffic is coming from. Are you getting traffic from your targeted audience? Perhaps, you are getting traffic from other places? These are things that you want to know. Eventually, you will also figure out which product is more popular.

Create good content regularly

Create good content regularly

Make sure that you are going to focus on your content. Content can help convert customers and even improve your website’s content. Be sure that you are going to plan your content writing process. You want to make sure that you will do a lot of research and even invest on long and detailed contents every now and then.

Use the right social media platform

Use the right social media platform

The right platform is important especially if you want to attract the right audience. You want to make sure that you are going to take a closer look at the type of social media platform that your audience is typically using. There are audiences that are usually turning to Instagram and Facebook. What you can do is to focus on these platforms. All you have to do is to be consistent on the things that you post.
Online marketing can be a bit tricky. However, these are simple tools that you can use. In fact, you can get a lot of new customers just by following these tips.


Reasons to Choose Vacation Rentals

So you’ve decided to spend some time with your family or by yourself on vacation. The good thing about today is that you can opt to choose from a list of vacation rentals in the area instead of taking a hotel. What exactly makes vacation rentals a good idea? If you haven’t tried this option, here are some reasons for you to choose vacation rentals.



The number one reason is the price. You don’t actually have to pay a lot in order to stay in a 24 square meter apartment. Unlike hotels that will charge so much for one night, you can pay for as low as $10 a night. This means that if you are traveling with someone else, then you could even split the price of the room in half.

You have all the necessary amenities you need

You have all the necessary amenities you need

Vacation rentals aside from being cheap can provide you with all the necessary amenities that you need. There are even vacation rentals that allow you to cook. This means that you can even save more because you could cook your meals instead. In fact, it offers flexibility towards travelers.

You can even rent the entire house if you are going to travel as a group. On the other hand, you can also have a sharing option with other travelers in one room especially if you really want to save a lot on your accommodation.

Great location

Great locationA lot of vacation rentals can be found in great locations. There are vacation rentals within the area of tourist destinations while there are also those options that are walking distance away from the nearest train station. This can allow you to go to different places fast.


Quick booking

Quick booking

You also don’t have to worry about booking. There are websites that are now focused on providing vacation rental options to travelers. AirBnb has allowed homeowners to post their property for rent. You can also choose from different vacation rental listings giving you enough number of choices to see which one you really like.

Quick communication

Quick communicationThis is considered a business for some homeowners. A lot of these homeowners protect their reputation by providing fast communication with their potential guests. Prior to checking in, you will already receive all the necessary information from the host’s phone number to their email address.


Availability of feedback

Availability of feedback

If you are still hesitating and it is your first time to avail of vacation rentals, it is a good idea to take a closer look at the feedback of past clients. This will ensure that you are going to find the right spot for your travel experience.

These days, a lot of hotels are losing customers mainly due to the availability of vacation rentals. You get the clean room that you want without paying so much. Also, you can even cook and prepare your meals. However, keep in mind that you should still be picky about the vacation rental that you are going to choose. You want to do a lot of research first in order to ensure that everything is going smoothly.

5 Different Types of Squats for Cross Fit Training Sessions

We train to build more muscle, get stronger, and stay fit. Most of us wants to have a variation of training regimen to keep things interesting. So if you’re one of these types of people then add these 5 different squats in your training.We train to build more muscle, get stronger, and stay fit. Most of us wants to have a variation of training regimen to keep things interesting. So if you’re one of these types of people then add these 5 different squats in your training.
Zercher Squats

steve barbarich on crossfit
Due to lack of training equipment in prison, a lifter was able to invent the Zercher Squat by lifting weights from the floor. This type of squat will require you to use the lower weights and it is quiet challenging to increase the weight up to your max load since you’re in an awkward position. The Zercher Squat is normally used by MMA fighters since it can improve the core as well as the balance in a new way.
Bottom Up Kettlebell Front Squat

steve barbarich on crossfit2
The bottom up position greatly improves the connection of scapula and upper flexor chain to any movement. This training regimen is a good way to improve positioning as well as posture because if you go a bit off posture, holding the bells upside down will become very challenging.
Box Squat

steve barbarich on crossfit3
One of the most popular squat training since it can greatly improve the core muscles for better mass, strength, and power. Box squat will also put you in a good posture that will help you improve your deadlift. I bet we can agree that it is a great core exercise that can build all round strength.Using a safety bar is the most advisable way to do the box squat as it will keep your back full engaged during the training. Since the safety bar is sitting on your back, it will keep you in a tighter position that will enable you to rise out of the hole. Ensure to pause for about one second after rising to prevent causing strains to your muscle.
Dead Stop Squats AKA Anderson Squats

steve barbarich on crossfit4
Body builders used a lot of fancy training in order to improve muscle and become stronger, and Anderson Squats is one of those exercises that are proven to be effective.
From the word itself “dead stop”, the training prevents you from creating a momentum and literally force your way through from a zero point. Like for example, the first repetition of weight lifting is always the hardest, you’re not tired, it is just because there’s no momentum that has been built through continuous movement.
High and Low Bar Back Squat

steve barbarich on crossfit5
With every gym that I visit, it seems like low bar squat is the most common for body builders because they can lift more weight in that position. But it is always better to mix high and low bar squat as it can improve the way you lift. Our body has a way to determine which of the two training method feel natural, and we will not be able to know what’s best for us if we only stick to one exercise regimen. However, if we have a specific training program that requires the bar to be set in a particular position, we can just leave it for the next training session.

The 4 Important Benefits of Why You Should Travel

Live my life to the fullest and challenge myself to new heights, that’s the piece of advice I’ve been taking seriously since I was a kid, this advice took me to places that let me enjoy different cultures and sceneries. Traveling is like a sensory enema that puts us in a state of wanderlust and will keep us craving for more. Honestly, I can’t think of other things more pleasurable than traveling from place to place. The excitement, thrills, joy, and a lot more bring life and peace to my soul… I might be over exaggerating things but it’s actually true! So let’s talk about the benefits of traveling.


It helps you find the truth about yourself

As you get exposed to new things that you are not familiar off, you’ll find that other people’s culture and lifestyle can make you realize what you are lacking and how you can improve. It will open up new ideas on how you should live your life and how to take care of troubles that lies ahead of you. Most people call it “soul searching”, sound cheesy right? But if we ponder about it, it’s really true. So if you are feeling stuck doing the same things over and over again like a programmed robot, then it’s time to travel and find that missing piece in your life. You’ll be surprised how something so simple can make a huge difference in your lifestyle.

You’ll be more appreciative of life

As we spend time away from the luxuries and comfort that we have at home, it will make us realize how lucky we are to have them, especially if you visit places that don’t have electricity and decent water supply. I highly suggest that you travel and participate in local charities around the area like feeding programs, building homes, and planting trees etc. These are just a few things you need to experience for yourself and there are lots of charity organization that are in need of volunteers, so if you’re interested you can try to reach out Redcross or the likes. Helping out and seeing other people happy is so fulfilling that you may become a regular at these activities.


You will realize that there’s so much more to learn

Not everything that you see on TV and read on books are true, you’ll figure out that reality is way different that was is being brought to us in mainstream media. See the world with your own eyes and experience things first hand, that’s how you should do it! Like for example, the media is showing how dangerous it is in the Philippines, and I can easily debunk it because I’ve been there and seen how friendly the community can be, I was also mesmerized by the beauty of their islands. There are so many countries I visited where I was treated like a VIP even though I did not spend much.

Traveling can break that shell

We all try our best to protect ourselves and that is right, but sometimes we overdo it that creates a shell or a barrier that prevents us from making new friends or having new connections. During your travels, you will unconsciously break that shell as you get in contact with unfamiliar faces, and you’ll experience that these strangers are more than willing to help and take care of you during your trip. You’ll gain new friends and have a sense of connection with humanity.
These are just few benefits that you can get when you travel, so make those plans come true! Create a schedule with your friends, family or you can just travel alone. Treat yourself with a life that you can be proud of to share when you get old.

Steve Barbarich – Chasing his dreams Through E-commerce

steve barbarich

A person who productively earned lots of money through the internet with the use of his talents and unique ideas in terms of internet marketing is Mr. Steve Barbarich. This man is one living proof to the world of being a millionaire and achieving your dreams by the use of the internet. A man who serves as an eyeopener on the boundless possible opportunities they could have just by using their desktop with the help of the internet. He was just an average college graduate who is gifted with bright ideas and talented skills in terms of marketing and internet business. Now Steve is the owner of many E-commerce websites that reaches its profit up to 20 million dollars per year. Aside from that he is the founder and the creator of the highly respected company  wherein Steve Barbarich really had a great reputation in the field of marketing through the internet.

Steve Barbarich works as a consultant to other websites wherein his theories and principles are very vital in bringing profit on the companies he is handling. He got this idea that there is no win win situation when it comes to the strategy that you will use in increasing profit of a certain company, same with the idea that there is no particular strategy that will work for all company. In other words you need to be careful in every decision you formulate and make sure you are flexible enough in making imperative resolutions for the betterment of the company.

One way of increasing the sales of you website would be making it mainstream and doing this is quite a tedious job. There are lots of factors to consider that is why the owner of the company should choose his cards prudently. If you are in a business it is always perceived to have ups and downs. So in order for the companies to increase sales they should have good advertising campaigns and have an SEO or Search Engine Optimization, the process of back linking etc. Also they should have good marketing campaigns in which its quite complicated to explain and might need another article for it if you want to know more about SEO.

Another way is through the social media campaign and promos. This is one vital part for your website to get traffic and sales since both are directly proportional. Some of the best social websites are facebook, twitter, youtube and etc. where in you could actually get a powerful flow of traffic and lure potential clients as proven statistically.

Steve Barbarich really emphasizes the importance of choosing the perfect keyword and optimizations. It is a very considerable thing in order for your website or content to be well accepted or to rank up in Google, Yahoo or Bing. Accordingly your keywords should be easily remembered by most people and should be related to the products or what your website is all about. The reason for this is simply to make your website unique and attractive to consumers or potential clients.

Steve Barbarich – How to Start an Ecommerce Company – Important Things to do Upfront

steven barbarich1- Picking your product line or line(s)

Most people start with just one line or a a limited set of product categories. Unless you have a large start-up budget of millions of dollars, trying to launch a general merchandise store with 100s of products (like Wayfair.com) is just too much at first.

Pick a product line or category that your are excited about, have knowledge, or are dedicated to sell online. Let’s pick luggage, for example.

Now you have to figure out at what level in the supply chain you want to be. The lower you are on the supply chain, the more gross margin you make, but the more financial backing you will need to launch your line:

Level 1 – Drop Ship from distributor (highest level)

Level 2 – Drop ship direct from factory

Level 3 – Stock product, you buy from the factory (domestic)

Level 4 – Import product from China, stock, and sell

Level 5 – Manufacture your own product in China, import and sell direct (lowest level)

Level 4 and 5 are the optimal levels for getting higher gross margins on your product. Plus you can also create your own unique product lines and brands which means you wont compete directly with anybody with the same products. A common issue if you choose Level 1 and 2, is that you will find anywhere between 5 and 100 internet retailers selling the same product at the same MAP pricing.

If you are going to do Level 1 and Level 2 you will most likely be competing with a lot of companies selling the same product. In this case you most focus on creating a better eCommerce web-site than your competitors, and building up better reviews than your competitors. You product pages must be very complete with multiple tabs describing technical information (including spec attachments), options, colors, measurements, testimonials and reviews, product demo videos tied in from your YouTube video posts.

If you are going to drop ship another brands product, you may find that many brands already have their selected online retailers because they don’t want too many companies selling their product. Those are the types of products you want to sell because they are not going to be overly competitive online. In those cases you must convince these companies there is room for one more by promising sales and volume, and home page advertising.
Getting Merchant Services

You will need credit card processing for your orders. These are the four important ones:

1) Visa/MC/Discover

2) Amex

3) Paypal

4) Google Checkout

So here are some tips from Steve Barbarich. You Google “merchant services” and many companies will come up. These companies will be able to take care of 1 and 2 above which are 95% of your transactions. Compare fees and pick both based on fees, and also risk tolerance of a merchant processor. Since your online, merchant processors consider you a risk, so you need to make sure you are dealing with a company that works with many eCommerce customers already. If you are selling items over $2000.00 you are in an even higher risk category, in those cases ask them if they have ever taken “reservers” from customers. Reserves are a way merchant service company mitigate their risks by taking a percentage of your sales. This is actually not a bad thing to agree on because it will give you more freedom to make mistakes if you are in a high risk area.

Creating Your Web-site / Shopping Cart Web-sites

Getting a ready made eCommerce platform to design your site on varies in cost. The higher end more serious ones have yearly licensing fees from $3000 (pinnaclecart.com) to $30,000 plus (magento.com). If you are real serious, Magento is the way to go. If not go for something cheaper. If you really have a limited budget, you can try WordPress. And if you are really limited you can use Yahoo Shopping cart (which is really the worst, and limited, but its free).
Also the more expensive cart you use, usually the harder the development, bu the better your site will be. So basically you get what you pay for. Don’t forget to take into account “Responsiveness”, which is the ability of your cart to have a separate layout for mobile and Ipad type devices. The lower end ones are always going to lack capabilities in this area.

What state will you incorporate in? Tax Considerations
Its best to locate your company in a state where there are no sales taxes AND state taxes. If you start a business in California for example when you sell product to customers in California your customers will have to pay for sales taxes which will cause you to lose customers there. State taxes are different than sales taxes. State taxes and federal taxes must be paid, but some states don’t have state taxes, like Washington or Nevada. So if you make profit, you may save from paying about 5 to 8 percent of taxes. Regarding sales taxes, if you sell over a $4 Million dollars in CA (depends on the state), you actually have to pay sales taxes in other too even though you are not located there. Generally you don’t have to pay sales taxes (or collect them) for the customers that are out of the state you are operating. The catch is, if you have employees in a certain state, than that’s pretty much where you have to incorporate and that’s where all your rules will apply. But if your company is virtual (people work from home), than you can really design the business the way you want.

Adwords / SEO – Showing Up For Your Keywords – and Driving Traffic

Adwords adds are the top 3 blue adds on the first page of Google and all the adds that show up on the right margin.
Now that you got your site up, you need to drive traffic to it. An adwords campaign is the quickest say to drive traffic and sales and in fact you can make a sale in the first day you launch an adwords campaign. There is an art to it, so you have to study up or hire an outside firm.

Part of Adwords are the product listing adds which are the pictures that show up of products on the first page of Google. That has been referred to as “Google Shopping” , Google products, PLAs, and seems Google changes what they call it often. These are a goldmine, and work better than keywords.

SEO – organic traffic are all the listings below the first 3 blue adds. These take about 1 to 2 years to build up. It’s a long term investment so you need to have some investment in this to get it working or else it won’t work well. There is also a whole art to doing as well, so either get outside help or read up and learn it over time.
If you want to learn about how to do internet marketing yourself, i suggest going to the professional trade shows, the two best ones being SEM and Pubcon.