Stand the Test of Time with Mid Century Classic Interior Design


A mid century classic interior design can bring out a unique character to every home. We can describe it as a clash of history’s greatness and the innovation of the future; a sophisticated and elegant look that can outlast the test of time. The elements that one should take note of are lightning, walls and ceiling, accessories, paint, and furniture. Let the imagination run free when mix and matching the style and color but ensure keep everything minimized for better results.

Picture above is a good reference for a simple yet sophisticated living room. It has a timeless design that can never go out of fashion. Neutral colored walls that lets the furniture and accessories stand out. An avant-garde high ceiling room equipped with lightning. Furniture and accessories are minimized to keep the room spacious yet aesthetically detailed; only the best furniture was chosen like the leather sofa topped with a cushion that has interesting pillow case design, a unique center table with unique accessory, and a very nice piece of artwork hung on the wall that compliments the color of the room. The yellow light bulb was chosen to add class and elegance to the ambiance of the living room.


When doing your timeless interior designing, you don’t always have to pick the most expensive furniture or accessories; just follow a general rule which is keep things simple and less clutters. Stay with neutral colors for walls or ceiling and using hardwood floor is also a good idea. Pick a furniture or accessory that would stand out, just like what is shown at the picture of the living room where the leather sofa takes the center stage.

This is a family dining room overlooking to the living room and the guest dining room. A very appealing classic dining table set that has well crafted pattern for its cushion, while the dining table at the farthest area is a dark brown contemporary dining table set. The floor area is spacious and free of clutters to prevent any accidents while carrying food or trays from the kitchen. Also it is worth mentioning the large ocean view windows located on the living room as it let the fresh air circulate around the house, and a lot of sunlight as well.

Let your imagination flow and give your house a personal touch. You can play a bit when it comes to colors, but do it on materials that can easily be replaced such as rugs, pillow cases, curtains, fabrics, and paint to prevent a major investment go to waste.